Unstructured data is just everywhere. Geo-location data, emails, pictures, videos, audio files, and all type of documents and data points are becoming huge data volumes for each individual. Now you have the opportunity to tap into this gigantic amount of data to get some very valuable insights about your prospects and customers. Big Data is an art and a science allowing you to connect the dots between these large datasets and extract some valuable information allowing you to create new and highly targeted marketing campaigns.

The level of performance that multichannel campaigns must attain to engage customers continues to rise. Budgets for digital marketing are growing about twice as fast as the overall marketing budget and now represent about a quarter of total marketing spending at a growth rate of 24%. Digital marketing has sparked this growth because it enables new techniques that can grow revenue faster — for example, inbound marketing, real-time marketing and data-driven marketing. In addition, new technologies, such as social and mobile, open not just new channels, but also new ways of engaging customers. Thus, marketers have to coordinate more channels and more kinds of campaigns.

What you can’t measure, you can’t improve. In a world of increasingly online consumers, Internet marketing is aided by the collection, measurement, and analysis of relevant information with the Best Marketing Automation Tools so that marketers and executives can make targeted marketing plans. This process of utilizing statistical data to strategically optimize a business site is called web analytics. You can learn a lot about your customer’s behaviour online with web analytics. However, if you look really close you will realize that today’s web analytics tools face two challenges: a lack of context and sometimes suboptimal data quality.

Drone systems are high technology products designed for low-altitude acquisition and production of 3-dimensional spatial and metric information. They are used for territory high-precision cartographic surveys.  Applications for exploration, conservation and archaeology are also being experimented and are clearly efficient. UAV’s can capture high-resolution photographs and videos along with geo-spatial data.


  • Big Data
  • Multichannel Marketing & Captology
  • Advanced Web Analytics
  • Eye-tracking and human-machine interfaces
  • UI & UX
  • Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles

Research Projects

  • Customer Predictive Behavior Analysis and Modeling

    Predictive models to address typical customer management challenges

    The wealth of customer data collected by most organizations provides an opportunity to predict customer behavior based on statistical analysis and other quantitative methods. This predictive information is a key ingredient of making the right offer at the right time to each customer. The objective is to predict customer behavior in a given situation, based on the customer’s known attributes and past behavior.

  • From Web Analytics to Digital Intelligence

    Marketing tactics and business strategies

    Digital Intelligence moves from static, reactive and aggregate, to dynamic, proactive and personalized web analytics solutions. Customer-centric analytics, Personalised marketing solution, Easy integration, Testing & Optimization, Marketing Automation, User Relationship Management Analytics Tag Integration… All in one and sustainable solutions are required.

  • Non-Invasive Archaeology and Coral Reef Preservation

    ROV technology to survey and monitor coral species and historic shipwrecks

    The waters of Florida abound with historic shipwrecks. Ranging in time from the Spanish colonial period through World War II. In the Florida Keys and in the Caribbean several coral species as endangered and should be protected. Because of disease, pollution and warming ocean temperatures, coral coverage in Florida has decreased from about 50 % 30 years ago to 7 % today. This region hosts several million snorkelers, divers, fishermen and boaters every year. We will use ROV technology to survey and monitor coral species and historic shipwrecks over time. By publishing the results, we will raise awareness and support federal protection for the species and shipwrecks that are the most at risk. We will also use this opportunity to sensibilize and train underwater archaeologists and preservation specialists to the benefits of open source ROV technology.
    Follow the project on OpenExplorer : Link

  • Sustainable UAV mapping solution for extreme environments

    Build and deploy custom UAVs for archeological surveys

    Designed to fly in extreme conditions this drone is lightweight, easy to deploy and equipped with strong engines to fight strong winds and all the electronics are protected by a robust and waterproof frame.

  • The Palm Beach Dolphin Project

    Document the dolphin population along the coast of south-east Florida

    With the help of both aerial and underwater drones, we will study the marin mammals population of the Palm Beach aera. This project is led by the Taras Foundation, an oceanographic research organization managed by Dr Taras and Dr Brunnick.