Teaching & Conferences

Below is a list of my previous, current and future courses, workshop and lectures. Every year I speak at a number of public and private events. If you’d like me to speak at your event, please let me know

Current & upcoming Teaching & Conferences

  • 20162016

    Workshop - Drone Mapping Techniques

    University of Miami, Rosenstiel School of Marine Biology

Teaching & Conferences History

  • Apr2015

    Workshop - Drone Technology and Exploration Sciences

    University of Miami, Rosenstiel School of Marine Biology

  • Dec2014

    Non-invasive technology applied to Exploration, Archaeology & Preservation

    Southern Florida Chapter of the Explorers Club

  • June2010

    Web Analytics for eCommerce, governance & process

    Paris, France

  • Oct2007

    Workshop about Web Design, Credibility & Persuasive Design

    University of Quebec (Canada)

  • 20152006

    Presentations about e-Commerce tactics

    Institutions, financial organizations, fortune 500…

  • Nov2006

    eContent Strategy for the International Market

    IT Council (China)

  • Oct2006

    eCommerce, how to improve your CRM?

    Chamber of Commerce (France)

  • Sept2006

    Rich Media, Buzzmarketing and Captology

    Superior School of Advertising, Master Degree students (Paris, France)

  • Apr2006

    Training Session for IT regional specialists

    Ministry of Youth and Sports (France)

  • 20062005

    Training Sessions about SEO / SEM and web measurements

    Paris, France

  • June2004

    Strategy for territorial development & interactive communication

    Creazione (Italy)

  • Sept2003

    Educational Speaker for European program ‘SENSITIC Atlantic Arc’

    Pompadour, France